Hey guys! How you doing? I made a new set of palettes and wanted to upload it in case anyone would be  interested in downloading it. It's my LOL Palettes, I put the .ATN file (Set of actions) up for you to download. 
It contains four actions, the Lunar Palette Action, the Opalescent Palette Action, the Light Palette Action, and an action to save the .DDS files; the Saves Action.
Keep in mind that the Saves Action only works with one action at a time, so if you want to play a second Action, I recommend you open a new file.
One more thing the Palettes Actions should name the layers layer 1, layer 2, layer 3, and so on, or else the Saves Action will not recognize the layers to show before saving. Therefore if you want to play the Saves Action, make sure you don't have any layer named "layer + a number" before plying any of the actions. I hope this makes enough sense for you to understand.
The Lunar Palette is a set of dark and brown-ish colors, and comes in 32 swatches.
The Opalescent Palette is a set of soft colors, and comes in 48 swatches.
The Light Palette is a set of bright colors, and comes in 36 swatches.
What You Need to Do
All you have to do is load the set, play one of the Actions and then play the Saves Action, the .DDS files will be saved to the desktop. 

Notice that you can change the blend modes of the layers, of course, before playing the Saves Action, depending on what tones you want.
I was inspired by decomposing-lotus LOL Palettes, and decided to keep the name in reference to it. But I needed to give every palette a name and came up with “Lunar Opalescent Light Palettes.”

Please read and follow my TOU.
Please, Contact me if you encounter any issue. 
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And thank you for the downloads! It genuinely warms my heart.
Peace, Nords xx