Hilda Sims 4 CC Hair

Well hello beautiful people, I'm finally back with a Sims 4 Custom Content Hair for your female sims. This one has been requested on Tumblr a while ago, the anon asked for "a version without bangs of the bob hair with bangs that came with Get Together" and I hope this is what they had in mind. 
I named it Hilda a character from Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, 

Hilda Sims 4 CC Hair

Don't hesitate to Contact Me Here or via my Tumblr if you encounter a serious issue, you might encounter some glitches depending on the shape of head your sims have, I fixed as many problems as I could but still, there are a few little details I was unable to fix.
Visit and read my Terms of Use if you want to recolor / edit / use it.
Peace, N◊RDS xoxo

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Further Information

Edited EA mesh.
Base Game Compatible.
Hat Compatible. 
Proper LODs.
18 EA/Maxis colors.
Available for teen-elder female.
Custom thumbnail.
Disabled for random. 
Recolors Allowed.

Tools used



EA Games/Maxis.
Freepik for the label used in the preview.

Special Thanks

The CC creators whose CC I used in the previews.

List of CC used in the previews.