Tender Puff Sims 4 CC Lipstick

Dag Dag lovely simmers, how's life treating you? Today I'm sharing with you a new Custom Content for The Sims 4, it's my third and favorite lipstick so far. I changed the Composition Method's value for the first time, as I didn't know about it before, so I think this lipstick is way better than the two others. I used Nyloa's Pucker Up Default Lips as a base, so shout-out to them. I hope you like it as much as I do.
PS. The darker swatches look better on darker skins.

Tender Puff Sims 4 CC Lipstick

If you encounter any issue while downloading, or spot any glitch in game, or anything of the sort, don't hesitate to Contact Me Here or via my Tumblr.
As it is stated in Terms of Use, you are allowed to use my textures in any way you desire, as long as you don't re-upload my packages, or claim them as yours.
Peace, N◊RDS xoxo

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Further Information

Base Game Compatible.
◊ Custom thumbnail. 
25 swatches.
◊ Available for teen-elder female.
◊ Disabled for random.

Tools used

◊ Sims4Studio.
◊ Photoshop.


◊ EA Games/Maxis.
◊ Nyloa.

Special Thanks

◊ The CC creators whose CC I used in the previews.

List of CC used in the preview.