Greetings everyone! It's been a very long time, I hope you're doing great. Today I'm sharing with you my recently finished Custom Content for The Sims 4.
A million years ago, Skarijay nicely requested some alternatives to beanies, like earmuffs or different winter hats, so I decided to go with the earmuffs.
What I did is edit the earphones that came with The Sims 4: Get Famous Pack. I've been working on it on and off because I was extremely busy, so I hope I didn't skip or miss anything. And I hope you guys like it.

If you want more Maxis Match CC, I invite you to check out my other Sims 4 Custom Content.
If you spot anything wrong with this CC in your game, or if you encounter any trouble while downloading, or anything at all, feel free to Contact Me Here or via my Tumblr, It would be my pleasure to help you and fix it.
If you want to recolor / edit / convert these earmuffs, please, do not forget to take a look at my Terms of Use.
Peace, N◊RDS xoxo

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Further Information

◊ The Sims 4 Custom Content.
◊ Maxis Match.
◊ Edited EA mesh.
◊ Base Game Compatible.
Can be found under EARRINGS.
◊ Proper LODs.
◊ Custom thumbnail.
◊ 16 swatches.
◊ Available for teen-elder female.
◊ Proper categories and tags.
◊ Disabled for random.
◊ Recolors Allowed.

Tools used

◊ Sims4Studio.
◊ Blender.
◊ Photoshop.


◊ EA Games / Maxis.

Special Thanks

Skarijay for their request.