Dear simmer, I put so much effort and hard work to make my creations so please carefully read and respect my Terms of Use.

Personal Use:

If you want to edit my creations for personal use, you have my permission to do whatever your heart desires. Just have fun!

My Sims 4 Custom Content:

You may:

  • Recolor and/or retexture my CC.
  • Edit and/or use my textures.
  • Edit my meshes and include them in your recolors.
  • Include my CC in your sims tray files.
  • Upload recolors and mesh edits behind paywalls or adwalls.

You may not:

  • Claim my CC as your own.
  • Reupload my files anywhere.

In short, do whatever you like, just remember to always give credit where it’s due, and respect the CC creators, for their creations consume time and energy. And if you use my CC, feel free to tag or mention me on Tumblr or Twitter; I’d love to see what you come up with.

My Sims:

You are allowed to do anything you want with my sims, as long as you give credit you may rename them, edit them, use them as models ...etc, just don't re-upload them before you edit them.

My Other Stuff:

  • Do whatever it is you wanna do with them, credit me or not, go wild!
  • However, don't claim that you created them.
  • And don't re-upload them anywhere.

But above all this have fun, enjoy the game, and never ever stop "simming".
In consideration of the foregoing, you may visit my Sims 4 CC, my Sims, or my other goodies.