Hi there! I finally finished recoloring WMS's Jamie Overalls. It took me too long but I'm satisfied with the results. I love everything Rebecca makes and I had to recolor at least one of her CC.
These CC consist of 07 files:
  1. 03 denim versions, the shirts of each version come in my Téné Palette;
  2. 02 Solid versions, one with a black shirt and one with a white one, the overalls come in my Téné Palette too;
  3. 02 patterned versions, one with the overall patterned and one with the shirt patterned, each come in 10 swatches.
Base Game Compatible
Available for female/teen-elder
Standalone custom thumbnails
Created with love using Sims4Studio and Photoshop

You need
WMS's mesh (The Denim One), grab it here!

EA Games/Maxis
Freepik and Vecteezy.
 The CC creators whose amazing CC I used for the preview (I'm WCIF friendly)
 If you encounter any issue please let me know.
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PPS. Thank you all for downloading my stuff and keeping me going!
Love, Nords xx