Dawn Rugged Sandals Sims 4 CC Shoes

Hey guys and gals! I hope you're doing great. Today is another special day for me as I'm sharing with you a type of Custom Content for The Sims 4 I've never made before, indeed this is my first ever shoes. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and here we are, finally!
It's a mesh edit of the rugged sandals that came with The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat and it comes in my Nordy Palette. I hope you like it. Enjoy!!
PS. I'm sorry for the ugly feet, I had to edit them myself, therefore they look a bit weird.

Dawn Rugged Sandals Sims 4 CC Shoes

If you have any trouble with the download link or the package, or if you spot something weird, or anything of the sort, feel free to Contact Me Here or via my Tumblr.
If you desire to recolor / edit / convert it, please keep in mind that you have to read and respect my Terms of Use.
Peace, N◊RDS xoxo

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Further Information

◊ Edited EA mesh.
◊ Base Game Compatible.
◊ Proper LODs.
◊ Custom thumbnail.
◊ 36 swatches.
◊ Available for teen-elder female.
◊ Proper categories and tags.
◊ Disabled for random.
◊ Recolors Allowed.

Tools used

◊ Sims4Studio.
◊ Blender.
◊ Photoshop.


◊ EA Games / Maxis.