Greetings simmers, I hope you're doing well.
After I published my El Sol Swimsuit, Suzy-sims asked me if I would share a separated version of the top and the bottom, so I separated them an here they are.
Both come in 42 swatches, the original ones and I added the patterns to the bottom and the solids that go with them to the top.

If you want the full body version, grab it HERE. And if you want to check my other Maxis Match CC, visit my Custom Content page.
I you encounter any issue, please let me know by Contacting Me Here or via my Tumblr.
If you plan on recoloring / editing / converting it, do not forget to read and respect my Terms of Use.
Peace, N◊RDS xoxo

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Further Information

◊ The Sims 4 Custom Content.
◊ Maxis Match.
◊ Edited EA mesh.
◊ Base Game Compatible.
◊ Proper LODs.
◊ Custom thumbnail.
◊ 42 swatches.
◊ Available for teen-elder female.
◊ Proper categories and tags.
◊ Disabled for random.
◊ Recolors Allowed.

Tools used

◊ Sims4Studio.
◊ Blender.
◊ Photoshop.


◊ EA Games / Maxis.

Special Thanks

◊ Suzy-Sims for the request.